CEO: Walter Raes

Rijksweg 10, BE-2880 Bornem, BELGIUM


T. +32 3 800 1318



Arseus Medical Group specializes in the distribution of medical and paramedical products and aids that meet all healthcare needs.

The group's activities are structured around areas of expertise that represent the best brands in the world.

Arseus Medical Group consists of the following companies: Arseus Medical plc, Arseus Hospital plc, Arseus Banda plc, Van Hopplynus Ophtalm plc, DMB Medical plc - Heart Medical Ltd., eXmedical Ltd., Arseus Medical Ltd., BlooMEDical Benelux Ltd., Keizer Ltd. & Keizer GmbH.

Arseus Medical Group provides medical devices and services for cardiology, pneumology, gynaecology, neonatology, surgery, radiology, orthopedics, physical rehabilitation, physiotherapy, patient mobility, ophthalmology, optometry, intensive care, operating room, emergency services, general practitioners, equipment and reagents for in vitro diagnostics, equipment and solutions for patient care in residential care centers and for home care.